A High-Value Recruiting Service

A High-Value Recruiting Service

A High-Value Recruiting ServiceA High-Value Recruiting ServiceA High-Value Recruiting Service

About Net-Working, LLC

How is Net-Working Different?

I created Net-Working to provide a high-value recruiting experience for my clients. What's the biggest issue with most recruiting agencies? They charge a large fee for just providing resumes of un/under-qualified candidates or candidates who are not a cultural fit.

By taking the time to get to know my clients and candidates, I will strive to make every submission a dream fit for both client and candidate.


Net-Working's value proposition is that by spending a small amount of time in the beginning of the process, hiring managers will have to spend less time reviewing and screening candidates on the back-end., By achieving the lowest possible ratio of candidates submissions to hires, I will save hiring managers and their teams many hours reviewing and interviewing candidates and allow teams to be more productive with their limited time.

My Promise

Think of Net-Working as an extension of your team.  I promise to treat each client as I would my own company and work to provide the best experience in the industry.